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Nylon spinning plant

This plant transforms nylon polyamide polymer into nylon POY (Pre-Oriented Yarn), which gives us the versatility needed to adjust the nylon quality for the next stages of produccion. Therefore, our product is not limited by the type and condition of the yarn supplied otherwise by the market.

The Nylon Spinning production process maintains quality control in two stages: Our chemical laboratory continously measures and monitors the chemical properties of the raw material and POY yarn. The textile laboratory measures tenacity, elongation, count and evenness of the yarn.


The POY yarn obtained fron the nylon spinning plant is given bulk and elasticity through a process which involves twist and heat fixation. Our equipment is capable of texturizing at speeds of over 1.000 meters per minute, speed that can only be found in very few plants in the world.

Lycra Covering

The third stage of production involves the covering of Lycra with nylon. Lycra® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.


Depending on the end product, a complex knitting process is implemented to mix different types of yarn; including flat, covered, and textured yarn. At this stage; the size, fit and knit quality are again controlled by various procedures.


This process involves the actual pantyhose manufacturing. This is where all parts of the stocking are put together in their final posititon. A sophisticated process of plant automation guarantees the precision of this process while our workers keep a watchful eye.


This process not only dyes the fabric but is also given the softness required for the final product. This is also where we apply the Sanitized® anti-bacterial treatment. The dosage of chemical products used in this process is electronically monitored, ensuring uniform finished product batch after batch.


This is the last step of the production process. Here, the product is automatically checked for quality control and defects and packed. Quality controls are processed through an individual visual verification process and also performed by a sophisticated device embedded in the packing machine.

We also have a manual packing station for those products that require special packing care.


Once packed, boxes are sent to auditing, where inspectors inspect every batch and they make sure it's up to the client standards and that they meet our clients' and international audit requirements.

This complete manufacturing process allows us to produce pantyhoses of various types, shapes and forms according to each customer need.